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Android vs iPhone Comparison 2022

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Android vs iPhone: Which Is Better? See Pros and Cons

Since the launch of Android in 2008, it has come a long way and is now at the top competing with iPhone. Although there have been many comparisons and contrasts about its security, software, and general proficiency.

In this post, we’re going to look at and talk about Android and iPhone extensively, by observing their Pros and Cons

This post is not intended to make you switch if you are loyal to one of them. Its purpose is to enlighten you more.

Android vs iPhone General Pros And Cons:



  • You have a variety of phones to choose from.
  • Many Android phones possess expandable storage.
  • Easy to customize and use.
  • Fast-paced updates.
  • Developer-friendly
  • Rooting and custom ROMs are allowed.


  • More susceptible to malware
  • Restrictions from the operating system on the choice of app
  • Hight possibility of facing pre-install Bloatware apps



  • Less malware
  • Curated app store
  • Apple controlled software ware and hardware


  • Restrictions
  • Limited customization
  • No expandable storage
  • Controlled release schedule

Android vs iPhone Hardware:

For an iPhone, it doesn’t have expandable memory. Its memory is big and can contain a lot of files, users don’t have any need to worry about which place to store their files( Memory card or phone memory)

For Android, it has limited space and there is room for external memory. 

Android vs iPhone Software:

Home Screens:

For the home screens, iPhone’s apps are located on multiple home screens and cannot be customized. 

With an Android phone, you have the ability to customize the look and feel of your home screen.

Android Vs iPhone: Voice Assistants:

Both devices have already installed voice assistants. For Android, it is the Google assistant and for iPhone, Siri comes with assistants, the Android phones have Google Now, and iPhones have Siri. Both assistants are similar and they perform very well by setting reminders, events sending text messages, and even scheduling for their users. 

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Android Vs iPhone: Limitations:

iPhone has big limitations when it comes to the installation of apps. This is not really flexible as you can only download it from the iOS store. 

On Android, you can download and also accept applications from unknown sources at any time

Here, the flexibility of Android makes it stand out in this category.

Android vs iPhone Security And Privacy :


When it comes to the security and privacy of users, Apple is the winner because they are always conscious of their reputation. Apple rarely shares the personal data of its users with third parties.


Although they have upgraded their level of security, android devices have a high tendency of experiencing malware.

You can actually protect your information and privacy by installing antivirus software on your mobile device from the Google Play Store.

Android Vs iPhone: Affordability

Apple has always had a very high price that is sometimes considered a phone for the rich. Their price ranges from $1,000, $1,100, $700, $400 etc

For Android, their price is very affordable and you can see a good android for as low as 150-250$

There are no two ways about it, android is very affordable. 

Android Vs iPhone: Battery life and charging

For the iPhone, their battery lives don’t last even though they charge faster.

Android’s battery lasts more, it also has a fast charge.

Android  Vs iPhone: Calls and messaging

There are many massaging and calls spot-on iPhone, sure as facetime, Duolingo, etc. Calls and messaging on the iPhone are very fast, easy, and enjoyable. 

Although android has the features of calls and messaging, Its not as fun as iOS 

Android Vs iPhone: Camera


The camera quality of the iPhone cannot be compared with Android. Most iPhone users don’t know what a photo editing app is because their phone alone can give them a nice shot. 


Android has a good quality camera but is not the same as iPhone 

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When you look at both devices, you’ll understand that both are great in their unique ways and they’ll serve every purpose if you wish to use any of them. Android is flexible, fast, and easy to use, while the iPhone is rigid and hard to use, but both have unique features. If you wish to change a new phone, you can choose any of them depending on your budget and choice.

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